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Testing Services


To ensure that imported products meet the same standards as domestically produced goods, products can be detained when they enter the country.

The FDA is allowed to detain imports that may have been adulterated or misbranded.

Products that have been subject to import detention may be permitted if acceptable independent laboratory results show that the products are in full compliance with FD&C regulations.



FD&C Act Chapter VIII: Imports and Exports

EMSL Analytical provides a complete array of independent laboratory services in the event of product detention during importation. Customers are provided with a dedicated project manager who will coordinate sample collection and analysis.  The project manager will then work directly with the FDA to establish what testing services need to be performed and samples will be collected.



Once the samples arrive, EMSL provides rapid testing services utilizing the most advanced scientific instrumentation that provides highly accurate results.  The project manager is then able to provide a custom Import Detention Resolution Packet (IDRP) directly to the FDA compliance officer.

The import detention professionals at EMSL offer a wide variety of testing services to support and quickly resolve these types of cases.

Laboratory testing services may include the analyses of:

  • Natural Toxins

  • Bacterial Pathogens

  • Filth Analysis / Extraneous Material

  • Pesticide Residues

  • Leachable Lead & Cadmium

  • Mercury Analysis

  • Melamine

  • Fluoride

  • Artificial Colors

  • Sweeteners


The import detention specialists at EMSL work with a team of seasoned industry experts that understand how to properly collect, transport, analyze and report results directly to the FDA.  This means cases of import detention can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

For a complete list of testing services, contact EMSL Analytical today.