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In order to rapidly resolve an FDA import detention situation, there are very specific rules and criteria that must be adhered to prevent any delays to a timely resolution.  These procedures must be carefully followed to maintain proper chain of custody and the integrity of the product for testing purposes.

EMSL’s import detention services are highly customized based on the nature of the product as well as the country of origin. To receive a custom quote to resolve your import detention case, EMSL requires the following information:

-           Commercial Invoice

-           FDA Detention Notice

-           Packing List


When all of the information is received, an EMSL project manager will contact the assigned FDA compliance officer to determine exactly what the FDA requires to resolve the case. A formal proposal will then be submitted to you and once approved, EMSL will coordinate all sampling, transport, analysis and required reporting.


Please be sure to carefully note all due dates listed on the FDA Detention Notice.


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